What will my "in hand" salary be?

Guys , I’ve been recently employed by an IT company in Pune, with sal of 4 lpa.. My salary breakup is as follows : Basic - 160,000 HRA - 80,000 Special Allowance - 96,184 PF Employer Contribution - 19,200 Domiciliary Medical Reimbursement - 15,000 Leave travel Allowance - 13,328 Gratuity - 6,688 Conveyance Allowance - 9,600 Total Cost to Company - 400,000 Since its my first job, I’ve little idea bout these terms.. Can neone explain me these terms and let me know what my tentative “IN HAND” salary will be? PS: Any more info will be provided ..

Any info will be appreciated.. Thx in advance.

Answer #1

I wish I could help more, but I really don’t have much clue. I’m young myself and haven’t had a salaried job yet.

What I would suggest is to talk to your employers. Ask them to explain the terms in the contract, and make sure you understand it before you commit.

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