How can I lose 10 pounds a month?

How can I lose 10 pounds a month? I am 22 years old I weigh 150 pounds and I am five foot one. I want to get to 120 pounds. Please help. Thanks.

Answer #1

Take some suuper slim pomegrante pills. Those really work no lie. I am 17 years old and took them for two weeks and I lost 10 pounnds. The only bad thing is that it has side effects. They get you really dizzy and makes you have a dry mouth. But if your willing to do anythign for wight loss I would suggest them to you, you have to buy them online. I was 190 and in two weeks I went from 180. They take your hunger away for good, but us till have two eat at leats 2 a day. But they relly do work. Search them up on google

Answer #2

Go for walks in the mornings and afternoons. Try to stay away from junk food as much as possible! Go to the gym if you can. If you can’t then you can use everyday household items to work out with.

Answer #3

king love is ttly right abt walking. my mom walks around town which ends up being abt 5 mi. EVERYDAY or 2x’s a wk or something

guess what?! she lost 30pds! try pilates as well and lots of salad…w/ lemon juice as dresssing salad dressing is carbs…trust me

Answer #4

There is this thing called Slim Force 7. There are 6 fruits you get and algae. No matter how much you eat, you still lose those pounds. You can lose around 40 pounds in 1 month. I am trying it because I was on the depo shot and I was 145 and now I am 199 in only 9 months. The people said if you don’t lose anything, then you get your money back. If you need the number and price for it, just add me and funmail me.

Answer #5

I actually got the prices now. You can check the site they have for it. The site is It might cost a lot but you lose up to 40 pounds or more in one month and that’s a great thing. # Lose up to 10lbs - REGULAR TREATMENT only - only $29

Lose between 11 and 20lbs - INTENSIVE TREATMENT - only $49

Lose between 21 and 30lbs - SUPER INTENSIVE TREATMENT - only $69

Lose between 31 and 40lbs - EXTRA STRENGTH TREATMENT - only $89

Lose more than 40lbs - MAXIMUM STRENGTH TREATMENT - only $109

I am getting the extra strength one. But anyways, good luck. Look at the site and see if you like it, if not, good luck once again.

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