Best metal bands?

Best metal bands?

Answer #1

okay… ~older thrash metal: older metallica (albums: kill ‘em all, ride the lightning, master of puppets) ~new thrash metal/speed metal/ one of my favorites: trivium ~Deathcore/black: carnifex, suicide silence, born of osirus ~”pure american metal”: lamb of god ~blast beat/break beat metal/hardcore: slipknot (albums: the subliminal verses and earlier, theyre new stuff is more towards heavy metal but still just as good! its called All Hope is Gone) ~I support children of bodom as well (good choice syndrome.) so thats good for starters. I love metal!! its a lifestyle, not just a genre! \m/ \m/

Answer #2

METALLICA(Trash,heavy,speed) AC/DC(heavy) IRON MAIDEN(Heavy) SLPKNOT(nu,Heavy) KORN(Industrial) RAMMSTEIN(Industrial) MARILYN MANSON(metal) LORDI(heavy) IN FLAMES(melodic death) IN THIS MOMENT(nu,heavy) IN IRONS(heavy,trash,speed)

Answer #3

blah hahaha im not sure I’d say judas preist!!! but they are true metal!!!

Answer #4

bring me the horizon (deathcore) bleeding through (metalcore) hate eternal (death metal) warbringer (thrash metal) kreator (thrash metal) satyricon (black metal) behemoth (blackened death metal) CHILDREN OF BODOM! (power/thrash metal) cellador (power metal) iron maiden (heavy metal) megadeth (thrash metal)

Answer #5

what kinda metal? well here is a sorta mixed list.

old mans child (black) as I lay dying (grindcore I think) my dying bride (doom) dimmu borgir (black) deicide (death) decapitated (death)

there are lots just depends on genre

Answer #6

Metallica no other compares

Answer #7

man I could go on for days with this list lol…

Death Atheist Bathory Manowar Accept Stryper Emperor Exumer Vio-lence Coroner Exhorder Control Denied Legion Of The Damned Ulver Metalucifer Cranium Exciter Sodom Venom Manilla Road least favorites would be Megadeth Metallica Any Melodeath garbage Any Nu-metal garbage Anything with the word CORE in it, stop being posers!

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