I know hes not the guy for me, help?

ok so I went out with this guy and we got along really great. it was one of those relationships where we got along by arguing. he annoys the heck outta me but I cant help but laugh at him. and love him. we havent talked for 3 months and now were talkin again and I think im fallin for him but I know hes not the guy for me. what should I do??!!

Answer #1

well, if you know hes not the guy for you then why waste your time. I remember when my ex started to neglect me and he would’nt even pick up my calls I had to make my bestfriend call him on a 3 way. and we didnt talk for like 4 months. and now hes the one running back to me. if you dont want to make any moves so soon, just let everything fall into place. only time would tell if he’s the one for you .:)

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