How can I get a job when I'm 14?

Where could I get a job at 14? I really need one. My mom won’t give me money any more.

Answer #1

It sucks, I remember. Babysitting brings in the most, sell candy or cookies at school, do yardwork or help older folks take out their garbage. Shovel snow. Some restaurants or campgrounds will hire younger folks to do dishes and kitchen prep work with a special W-form for taxes. Lemonaide or snowcone stands are cost effective can rake in up to $50 bucks a day if you are dedicated. Garage sale your old stuff. Clean your neighbor’s houses. Do juggling, or sing,or do facepainting on streetcorners. Ask your local schools if you can sell after-school popcorn for half the money with the other half generated as a donation to the school. Make something cool and sell it door to door. Have a party and charge a dollar to get in. I think your mom Prolly wants you to volunteer to pick up more chores for allowance though, so consider your options first.

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