Can you get pregnant if you haven't had sex?

can you get pregnant if you havnt actually had sex or have a boyfriend??? you just touched urself to see what it feels like a couple of times??? thx!!!

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basically, the answer is no. if there is no male spermy near your vajayjay then there isn't a chance of pregnancy.

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Dear mileyfan20042,
I understand you are only 13 but stop and think what 2 things need to have a baby...egg and sperm. It's time for you to start doing some reading about anatomy and reproduction.
Sue...good luck

What if me and my partner had sex and the condom slipped off inside of me will we are still having sex is it a possibility that i could be pregnant?
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Well... it depends.
Usually you cant get pregnant unless the penis enters the vagina, but there is a small chance of pregnancy if you touched his penis with cum on it then touched your vagina with your hand .

Can you get pregnant from having unprotected sex on your period?
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No. You can not get pregnant by touching yourself.

How can a women get pregnant if had sex with monkey,ape,dog ?

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