Tips to become the best student in my university

I am in my first semester in my university so that I want some tips to become the best student in my university and I am going to do facult of information technology

Answer #1

Sit in the front row of every class and study/do homework before you do anything else. Be polite and respectful to your profs, ask questions in class (they like when you show interest, and don’t skip class ever.

Good luck!

Answer #2

just give always your best shot! stick to those who can help you its either professor or student who can help you. be friendly(its a secret you will later discover why)

and this is the most important. STUDY FROM THE FIRST DAY UP TO THE LAST AND ALL WILL BE FINE…prevention is better than cure..I think you’re smart you’ll understand what im talkin’ here. Good luck hope it helps

pls add me and leave a comment thanks

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