Help with Re-Dying my hair! Live Color XXL

Hi, I have been dying my hair Red for a couple months now. I used Live Color XXL Red Passion Permant. But now im kinda bored of it and want to change it. But how can I dye my hair without it going a totally different colour to what I wanted? I want to dye it using Live Color XXL again - im not sure on a shade yet though, I just know I want to go like a caramel blonde. So yeah how can I do that without it going orange or something?

Thanks (:

Answer #1

Yeah, okay then. Well, you will have to get your hairdresser to strip your hair, or in other words, bleach it. Then you can dye it whatever colour you want. But don’t even think about dying your hair with the caramel blonde straight away, otherwise the red pigmentation will come through and it will look dreadful.

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