help with music 4 my sweet 16

well heres the thing my sweet 16 party is in like 2 day and I have no music at all… so please help me find some good music… I listen to EVERYTHING… country, rap,rock, techno,… everything lol…so just please give me a list of fun music to dance to lol… some raveish music too please HELP ME!!!

Answer #1

I could name a million artists, but I’d highlight these for a party T.I. The Black Eyed Peas Lady Gaga Katy Perry Soulja Boy Tupac Basshunter (great dance music) Maroon 5 (old but brilliant) The All-American Rejects Kanye West

remember, those are band names ;)

Answer #2

Compilations are your friends for that type of event. My favorite compilations are the Punk goes… series. Punk goes Crunk, Punk goes Pop I and II, Punk goes 90’s, Punk goes metal, any work and they are fun as hell.

Answer #3

you could tell people to bring their favorite cd and write a track down and play what they bring you’ll get a lot of different music and then you won’t have to worry about picking the music

Answer #4

haha I listen to a lot of music like that too. depends on if you wanna actually do a dance to them or not.. for the ones that have dances to them- cupid shuffle, any crank thats, stanky leg, walk it out, cha cha slide pt 2, ymca, apache, tootsie roll, macarena. um the ones that its just fun to dance to in general- swing, low, shoulder lean, turn my swag on, aint I, echo, right round, fire burning the dance floor, I run, like a boss, move shake drop. I have a bunch on itunes. message me if you want to know who sings them and others. =] hope it hellped.

Answer #5

Something that everyone will enjoy. :)

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