Help with a scientific name!!

OK, we are having to do a slide show for information tech as an in class project. I am doing it on this type of horse called Akhal - Teke. I don’t know the scientific name though!! You have to give it as well!!


Answer #1

…Now l know!! Thank you, now l probably gain marks for all those facts about the scientific name!!

Thank you!!

Answer #2

Equus caballus - is the name. url: Search on google: Akhal-Teke, scientific name

Answer #3

Watch it, though! Equus caballus is the Latin (scientific) name for ALL breeds of horses. Including the Turkumen breed Akhal-Teke.

Answer #4

I don’t mind. Besides that, unless there are varying classes, or different origins from the original breed that lead to some new superhorse I don’t think he needs to worry too much about it. I mean he did ask for the scientific name, not whether it was specific. The Latin name is also probably why most horses are named by breed and not species or genus.

Answer #5

Sorry, didn’t see your reply till now. Basically, all modern horses are Equus caballus - that excludes other members of the ‘horse’ family like zebras or the now-extinct quagga, for example.

As you indicated, all of today’s breeds of horses can mate and produce fertile offspring, so that technically they are all the same species.

And you’ve chosen a GREAT topic for your report!

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