Scared to tell my boyfriend I love him

I been with my boyfriend over 8 months,N we are now starting to get serious, I see a whole new side in him that I didn’t see before,(for the better) and I love him…the only problem is…I never told him I love him..and he’s never said it to me..I want to tell him so bad but im scared I won’t get the right reaction or that he’ll say it back only because I said it.he’s 30 and had a few bad relationships so I know he’s gonna be hesitant to say it.Please help WHAT DO I DO…I SO CONFUSED?

Answer #1

Its hard because I catch myself all the time about to just slip up and say it,and I think that I’ll just wait for him even though it’ll be hard,but ill just wait because I don’t want him to only say it because I said it first,I want to see that it’s real Thanks for all the advice guys

Answer #2

I would tell him only because its not good to keep how you feel bottled up. A person would never fully know how you feel unless you tell them. He she have somewhat an idea how you feel…

Answer #3

2 ways I would go about asking without having to worry.

1.. when your talking and he says something sweet just kinda be casual and say something like “have I ever told you I love you?”

2.. wait for him to tell you if hes been in bad relationships maybe he is waiting to ask you to see your not in a rush.

just a few ideas best of luck.

Answer #4

okay first go some were nice the resturant or you know sumthing plan like da movies or sumthing…sumwere you like to go to …u know wah you guys should just stay home and do like a romantic dinner get in da moood..

okay luk eachother in the eyes …get connected..make him get butterflies in his stomach …wait until he says sumthing sweet or nice…wait til he kisses you softley in the lips and then tell rite there at that moment…babe..I luv u …give him sumtime to say it baq when he says hit then smile THEN BAM!!! yall had you sum great sex lmao

hope I helped…best of of luckss.

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