Should i tell him i like him?

I have a Guy friend and we are always laughing and fooling around but I dont know if I should tel him I like him

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u should tell him you like him because f he plays wit you and laufs a lot when your 2gether he probelly lyks you back 1 of my friends his a boy he just asked me out and I dont know what 2 say might so yeah so your kind in da same situation as me exsept da other way around lol you can funmail me and we can talk f you want 2

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It's really up to you but if you guys have been playing around a lot and having a lot of fun then maybe it's worth it. You might as well try and see how it goes from there! Good luck :)

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For sure! Go ahead and tell him what the buisness is! tell him! you like him, so go ahead, and make it me, it is better you tell him now, then see him with another girl...good luck..

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