What's the average weight for my age and height?

I want to know what is the average weight for a 5’5 17 year old female I weight 162.5lbs and no matter how much I try I cant seem to lose the weight most of my body is muscle but most of it is still fat.

Answer #1

you have to eat more than salad. Try eating leaner meats like ground turkey, they even make turkey bacon and sausage. Eat your 5-9 serving of fruits and veggies a day. drink lots of water… normally half your body weight in ounces. for you it would be 82oz. a day (seems like a lot but it helps) That is an average weight for you height, but if you are wanting to trim down the fat do cardio exerices as well as ab workouts and working out with small weights. that will tone you up and make you leaner.

Answer #2

Try this site… http://www.caloriecounting.co.uk/resources/charts/ideal.htm it will tell you your bmi, your weight and give you what food has what calories

Answer #3

you’re BMI is currently 27, so you’re overweight. you should weigh 110.9lb - 149.3lb

Answer #4

do it for yourself on the onternet just put in BMI or something near tha

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