Will I get the job if my drug test came back non-negative?

I took a drug test yesterday it came back non-negative needs lab test but what dose it mean will I get the job the lady want s to hire me all my paper work is done I even gave them a check void for my pay check to be direct deposit but I am still waiting to her about the test will I get the job

Answer #1

Did you take anything? I work for a place and if you come back non-negative they don’t hire you. It could mean the place messed up the drug test or you took something to give that reading. Call the place where you took the test and ask them what it means and. Be cool with them and if your on any meds. let them know.

Answer #2

Call them :) And be polite, but firm. Tell them you’re excited to start working for them, should you show up Monday at 8 am to start, etc.

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