Help! Nail probs!!!

I chew my nails and I want to quit. Got any tips ?

Answer #1

they have this polish that you can put on your nails that tastes REALLY bad. it makes you keep your nails out of your mouth. also get green tea nail growth. it helps grow your nails. paint your nails. it makes you not want to bite them.

I have been having this same problem. haha. good luck!

Answer #2

it might sound gross but get some garlic, mash it with into a powder and put some water in it to make a paste. spread the paste on your nails, then let it sit for like, 20 minutes. then wash it off. your fingers will smell like garlic and you wont want to chew them.

Answer #3

I have the same problem. Well..had lol Try doing your nails,by either painting them with pretty colors so you wont want to break them,or get them done at a nail salon,get fake nails with a cool design,and let your nails grow out.

Answer #4

Paint your nails.I had the same problem.If you paint them,then you don’t want to eat the nail polish.And keep doing that for a while so you’ll be used to not chewing them

Answer #5

Paint your nails or find a hobby that keeps your hands busey

Answer #6

nail polish

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