What to wear to church to impress a guy?

what should I wear to church tomorrow it needs to be kinda nice, but still kinda casual I’m not real into skirts and dresses either any ideas would be a huge help …and well…I’m kinda trying to impress a guy too keep that in consideration

Answer #1

Hi this is Babyd10 well I think you should wear some nice dress pants a nice low cut shirt something that is sexy but also says nice at that the same time and a nice casual jacket or maybe a whole dress suit that is nice looking

Answer #2

I agree with bozomatt. don’t wear anything to impress him, it’s church.

Answer #3

I dont dress up fancy for church unless its for christmasor easter or sumthing just dress normal…

Answer #4

light jeans. nice conservative top with a nice jacket, maybe tan?

Answer #5

you shouldnt wear anything that would impress him

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