What are some tips to lose weight?

please take the time to read this all to help me out please.

here are some stats- I am 5’2. 130 pounds. I am a lacto-ovo vegitarian. for those of you who don’t know what that is. it means that I DO NOT EAT ANY ANIMALS. including fish (they are very much pultry and to matter to keep alivve). I do eat milk, honey, and EVERY animal by-product.

now heres some background- I used to be on- and- off starving myself. and on- and- off binge days. so I maintained my weight because I would eat a ton. and then starve it off. NOW I am done with that! I want to be healthy. and keep good care of my body(because I will only get one of it). so I sort of gained 10 pounds by not starving(because my metabolism is messed up because of what I did)

so please help me. I am MENTAL! I want to lose weight at night ande mornings when I feel quilty. but during the days I eat.. and I eat CRAP too. please tell me how to lose weight.

-how many calories to eat per day. -how to get all the nutrition I need to be healthy considering im a vegitarian (protien) -how to not eat crap -and how to satisfy my chocalte and crap cravings.

I am done with feeling ugly. and shitty with all the junk that I put in me. I am willing to be a health freak. if thats what it takes! I want to lose about 22 pounds or so! help!

Answer #1

Here’s some of the foods you need to include in you daily intake to get the right amount of protein and other nutrients, This is a list of Non meat Protein: Peas, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, rype oat, millet, soy, tofu, dairy (low fat) low fat cheese and yogurt, 1/2 beans witha cup of brown rice, meatless chili over rice, peanut butter and wheat bread, bean sprouts and low fat cheese on salads with other veggies, oatmeal and toast, egg and wheat bread, grilled cheese on wheat. Any two foods from different food groups provide complete protein in a 24 hour period. Instead of eating junk eat a small box of raisins, or yogurt and fruits, a small handfull of seeds or nuts. Try it, it’ll make you feel better.

Answer #2

Well right now Im trying to loose weight too and all I eat is dry salad, drink ALOT of water and when i think of junk i go for a jog. Also I go to the gym for 2 hours a day. Hard core workouts help!

Answer #3

Don’t do diets that have you counting calories or reducing carbs. It’s not about what you take away…It is about how healthy you become. If the cells of your body is nourished, you WILL lose the weight. How do your cells get nourished? I can help. I am a wellness coach, I have a wellness center. Call me at 203-933-2200

Answer #4

buy a cocoa plant lol ~~~

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