What to do with these situations?

I have this problem well really a lot of them… I weight 130 and am 5’4” I feel that I am fat there is this guy that I like and he likes me to but im just not confident enough to date him I feel that I am fat and the other one is that hes 7 months younger than me and I never liked that I always like to be the younger one but does anyone have any tips on both of these is so PLease help

Answer #1

okay, first of all, you are not fat…130 is a good weight…also, if you really like this guy, age shouldn’t matter, just get no know him better, and eventually, tell him how you feel. the worst that could happen is that he says he doesn’t like you. but, if he does, that could always change.

good luck~dracoalba~

Answer #2

Enjoy it! Dude you only live once so make the most of it and so what if this guy is 7 months younger!? It’s not like hes 5 years younger (which would be gross) And plus you don’t want to moping around in 20 years time woundering what coulda or woulda been, right? So go for it, your both into eachother whats the worst that could happen? You both end up falling in love?

Just do it! You are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise!

And if your really bothered about being fat or unfit do something about it hun! Sitting around moping all day isn’t going to anything! So start making goals for yourself and get out there!!


Hayley x

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