How to tell my mom i got detention?

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Yeah... I got a detention for talkin during a fire drill. :( but my dad always loves honesty. plus I am doin ok in school. atleast I didnt swaer or something sexual. yeah, please help me, I am only 12, first year of middle school, and I hope not my last year... I you know what I mean!

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I am a mom of a 15 year old boy who has gotten dentention a few times over the last 3 years. I have never been pleased that he got detention because I wasnt happy that he had made a poor choice in his behavior. But, the worst thing was the time he tried to hide it from me...with the cooperation of his pricipal! Show your mom that you are growing up. just as Sue said above, let her know what you did and the lesson you have learned. then understand she may still be angry. but taking responsibility for your actions and accepting any additional punishment your mom may give you without freaking out will show her you truly did learn your lesson and you are growing up! that is something she will see and in the long run it can have a really positive effect on how she relates to you. just dont deceive will only cause harm to your relationship, and will have the opposite effect that you are looking the long run. good luck !

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Dear gates,
I run a detention program so I know you got a detention for something that you have done that was against the school rules. So, start by telling your mother how you have learned a new lesson. Explain what you got the detention for and how you now know what the proper behaviours are. Adults love when kids have leaned from their mistakes.
Sue...good luck

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well just walk up to her and say "hey mom guess what...I got detention" *yay*!!!"

No just kidding LOL! Well tell her that today at school *blah blah blah* and then I got detention. I really didn't mean to (let's hope so) *blah blah blah* I'm really sorry *blah blah blah* then maybe she will understand!!

Great luck!!
:0 Bubblicious97 :)

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just act like outraged that you got one. act like you didnt deserve it. if you get your mom on your side, it will be better. haha thats what I do.

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a detention int even that bad. is it an afterskool one??

well if its your first on then im sure she wouldn't mind.

and its onli one DT so dont worry

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Youcould start the conversation by asking her how many detentions she got... if any. And if she says no, ask her if your dad got any.. and... yeah.. you get the picture. She will figure out why you're asking. It's not the end of the world.

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What did you do?

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when you get home say mum I got a detention todaii say what lesson you got it in and then run to your room this is the best way to do it. believe me I have experience ! lols

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well I got a detention not the best I can tell you its hsrd to keep it from your mom I've been keepin this secret for 1 day and its hard for me to keep my mouth please please help me I didnt do the right thin this is my first dt and it isnt fun I've always had really good grades teachers loved me but I did somethin wrong so I need help please I beg everyone to help me! im 11 years old in 5th grade

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guess what I just got a detention TODAY and the best way is to suck up to you teachers. when you go home just break down and say you are so stressed and if yer parents are like mine, they won't be as angry.

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I've gotta detention today for chucking stuff in class. The boy I fancies best mate threw a bit of ham sandwich at my best friend, she threw some paper back. Then my crush threw some popcorn at me, so I threw some paper as well. But I only threw it once and then like 12 others joined in. We all got an after school detention for 20 minutes. My crush said because it doesn't say that your parents need to sign the letter we got, so just say I've got some homework to do with a study party. I'm worried about telling her. If I do, I'm sure she won't get angry, just punish me, and she'll be disappointed in me. If I hide it from her, then she finds out, she'll be more mad. I hate it when she's disappointed in me. I'm always super good. Till lately, I lost some of my pocket money, got told of for writing notes in class three times, and this is my second detention, but my only after school one. Then this supple teacher said that they would go on my reports for the rest of my life and I might not get into college, university or get a good job. I'm only 12 and all my teachers adore me! What's gotten into me, how do I tell my Mum, what should I do?

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