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help me please, is there somethign wrong down there

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help me. I htink I may have a yeast infection, it itches so bad down there, sometimes its even hard to sleep because it itches. There isn't like a discharge, but a white sunbstance does form around the vulv* (or the opening to the vagin*) it itches so so so bad!!! and it is very red and irritated. Could it be a yeast infection, something worse? How can you help reduce the itch? Vagisil isn't working to well. It itches right now. There isn't that bad of a fishy smell but it doesn't seem normal. What could it be? What are the risks of leaving it alone? Will it go away?

I have also been in my bathing suits, could I be allergic to my bathing suit, it seems to get worse durring the summer. Help me!!! Please.

I havn't told my mom because I don't know how and she usually says its nothing. We think I had a yeast infection last year, but it never truly cleared up.

I havn't gotten my period, and I have not had sex.

It started last year but cleared up a little than broke out around may?

Please help me, it itches and is so uncomfortable!!!