I cant handle being lied to, help?

right, I posted a question on here not yesterday but the night before asking like how too stop crying, I got some replys and thankyou for them, problem is now, I spent 3 hours yesterday morning begging for my boyfriend back, we got back together, was perfect, no arguments, brought him a top :) he was proper happy, the lot, all last night, was great, this morning, amazing, then tonight, about 8ish, this girl adds him, who he deleted ages ago, because we had problems with her, she then told me and showed me proof, he said too her, that ‘he got into a stupid relationship with me’ that he never meant too he just ‘went along with it’ and that he’s wanted too add her back from the day he deleted her and that I’ve ruined his life and he’s done this twice, everytime we split up really bad, he’ll go adding her, they we’re bestfriends for 2 years, never met or anything, he doesn’t like her, shes fat and emo, shes a state, but they we’re bestfriends, now I duno wether to take him back and go through this again, after he lied, because he addded her yesterday and said oh yeah I’ve split up with her now I’ve wanted too add you back from the day I deleted you, shes ruined my life, it was a mistake, I just went along with it, for a year and 2 weeks mind you, when I rang him and asked him he told me all he said ‘the only thing I said is that me and you have split up’ she showed me the conversation and he was like oh right yeah, I said too him you was guna keep this from me wasnt you, and he was like yeah, and I said you wasnt expecting me too find out was you, he was like no, he wont say sorry, he says its my fault because I made him delete her in the first place :S any advice on what I should do? he’s supposed 2 be coming down tommorow till tuesday morning, but I duno wether I can trust him now, he lied too me, I cant handle being lied too, but I really do love him. help?

Answer #1

wooow! well I think yu should leave him because if he lied bout somethin so simple and pitty then imagine what he would lie about if it was big!! the only thing thats keepin yu from movin on is yu in love with him…let it go now before it worse and yu will be hurt 3times as more then before if he lied to you! obvs. his best friend is more important then yu =D good luck!! feakyyladyy09

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