Help me learn English

Is dere sum way I can download a free english dictionary 4m da net? I wanna learn at least 5 new english words daily???but when I open da dictionary, I dunno wich words 2 learn, I becum confused…dats y…how can my pc help me wid that???

Answer #1

people who tork like dis are annoyin…

Answer #2

Just open a dictionary, close your eyes and pick page. Once you have that page close your eyes and pick a number then count down that amount and BAM there’s your word :)

Answer #3

ieSpell Checker

A FREE Spell Checker for Internet Explorer – lets you check your spelling before submitting your Questions, Answers or other information on Internet sites. It places an icon on your IE Toolbar that makes spell-checking a snap. It suggests alternate spellings when it thinks you have made an error. It also lets you add words to its vocabulary.

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