help me if you can..if you cant its cool

me and my friend ( just friends )

we are realy close and stuff I love her to death and she is the same with me

its hard to keep our hands of eachother (very hard)

im 14 shes 12… but were in the same grade… (8th grade )

I want to wait to ask her out till l8r long time later so we have a chance in the end

I just..dont know what to do ..I dont want her to lose intrest in me

she means a lot to me and I just want some advise …am what im doing right or wrong or what… ? please help me ( im the guy )

Answer #1

I would say talk to her and tell her how you feel. Let the fun times begin and ride the wave, even if nothing comes out of it you have to enjoy what is happening right now/

It not getting what you want It’s wanting what you got! Understand?

Answer #2

I completely understand what you mean but I think you might be a little young to figure out what you want in the end. your only in eigth grade…just have fun. when you get to high school there will be plenty of girls, too many hook-ups, and tons of fun…but what you will need the most is a great friend that will stick by you no matter what. I think you guys might be better just being friends. you never know what will happen later. and from a personal experience one of my great friends married her boyfriend after high school and they never dated while they were in school. they have been happily married for almost three years. hope that helped.

Answer #3

Tell her how you feel , live in the moment . Age is just a number it isnt wrong .

Answer #4

If you really believe that you love her then tell her how you feel. I believe that age is just a number.

Answer #5

That’s just wrong, in my opinion. Find someone your age.

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