Help me I'm getting out of my mind

Recently I have asked a question about me being suspiciuos of having hiv and that I can not get tested bcoz I am scared to death and with the heartful and helpfull advice you gave me I went there to get tested but I was scared,when the doctor was about to tell me the result I ran away home and cried the whole day,I can’t do it people,,plzz help,,plzz?

Answer #1

You obviously want to know because you are obsessing about it and you got tested. You need to go back and get the results and IF it turns out that you are positive, then your doctor will be able to help you.

Answer #2

you’re like a child. accept the truth if you have it. face it and ask for assistance from your doctor he will be happy to help you. be strong. but you’re not sure yet so there’s nothing to be afraid of

Answer #3

If you have it… you’ll eventually find out, whether you want to or not…

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