How do I become less ghetto

How do I become less ghetto

Answer #1

ha ha ha thats way funny.. I don’t know if you have like a way upper class family member.. hang out with them for awhile.. and just act like they do.. but trust me.. youd rather act ghetto then sum rich punk.. lol

Answer #2

why do you want to become less ghetto, lol, I am, and I dont know how to change either! LOL, good luck

Answer #3

Just be something else. Look up what you want to be on the internet, then, if the sites you find have any pointers, follow them.

Answer #4

well start by not being ghetto. just kidding. well if that is who you are than dont change.

Answer #5

Dont cuss, dress richer, change friends

Answer #6

…move into a trailer park.

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