What's Alzar?

I went 2 the d0ct0rs t0day… he said that with n0 d0ubt my th0art hurts he see’s many “alzars”… and this might be an early stage 0f m0n0. and I have a temperature 0f like 103ish and I keep breaking it and getting it! 1.)what is an Alzar? 2.)what is m0n0? 3.)I cant swall0w f00d, I can bearly swall0w my 0wn saliva. d0 you kn0 any disalvable f00ds? 4.) h0w can I keep my temperature d0wn?

Answer #1

he said they the”ulcers” 0r “alzars” are in my th0art th0… and I use a 0 cause my friend spilt water 0n my lapt0p and the 0 and I few numbers d0nt w0rk, s0rry if you have a pr0blem with that. w0w.

Answer #2

try to just eat foods that are soft and easy to swallow..like apple sauce. Id stay away from things like yogurt..and pudding because even though they are soft they might be too hard to swallow because its kind of creamy..so stick to things like warm chicken broth or apple sauce and just try to drink lots of water and juice…soda is going to sting. If it is mono it makes you super sleepy, you have NO energy..like walking from one room to another depletes almost all of your energy…you sleep a lot..and you dont feel like eating at all…you glands get swollen in your neck and you get a really high fever and sore throat..sometimes even strep throat with it.. the doctor probably did a throat culture..which probably was sent to a lab for the culture to grow..if it is strep.then you would get antibiotics…if its just mono..and no strep…you get no antibiotics..your immune system will eventually just fight it off…but it takes a while before you feel 100 % back to normal. to keep your temp down…take ibuprofen…every 4-6 hours like the bottle says..as long as you arent allergic to it or for some reason you have been told by a dr not to take it… and put cool clothes under your arms, on your forehead and on your chest… those are your hottest points…and when the cloths get warm changes them up for at least…20 min…also..sleep a lot..and when you wake up sweaty..you probably broke it… feel better..

Answer #3

you could get a new keyboard… they’re like 5 bucks at walmart.

xox Sika

Answer #4

Huh? Why do you use 0 instead of o?

0 = a number o= a letter

anyway, I think you mean “ulcers”…not alzars. Canker sores are white ulcers with a red rim, that form just inside the lips or cheeks. They’re basically little sores that burn a lot.

Mono is a virus spread by person to person contact. It will make you sleepy a lot of the time, and give you the mouth sores you mentioned. There isn’t a cure, just a lot of bedrest and fluids. It can take months to get over it, so start reading a good book!

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