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HELP!! I made-out with a guy who has a girlfriend!!

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I did something terribly wrong last night.
I went to a club with some friends and a guy last night. This guy and I have a past but I thought it was over since he now has an out-of-province girlfriend. That seems to be a problem tho because I got pretty drunk and went home with this guy and stayed the night at his place where we made out several times around his apartment. I didnt realize what I was doing then cause I was still somewhat drunk but realized this morning but he initiated it all by arranging to get together with me and starting to make-out with me

Should I tell someone? If I tell my friends, they will think we are BOTH horrible. If I tell his girlfriend, she will tell everyone and hate me forever. I cant keep this in tho, its KILLING me, I cried all morning

Now he's ignoring me, what should I do??