Help! I just started my period :(

Ok so it’s 1:35 am and I just went to the bathroom. I started my period, I’m not firmilar with this stuff but I think it’s heavy. Do I wake up my mom or wait until morning? And what do I tell her? Pls help me!!!

Answer #1

Umm do you see any pads or tampons in your restroom? If so then use one. I’d would sugest you take a shower first then put one on. Tell your mom right when you wake up in the morning. Any questions?

Answer #2

okay first is first. you need to put on a pad. having your period for the first time is pretty important so if you feel you should wake her up, do it. just tell her that you started your period. and if your freaking out then that’s just another reason to tell her sooner. she’ll understand. she’s a woman. (right?)

Answer #3

Thx. Some people who make make sense.

Answer #4

umm no dont wake her up. just get a pad and forget about it

Answer #5

wake her up calmly tell her an she will noe what 2 do.. remeber cold water takes out blood an sleep on your side its less likely blood wil hit your sheets if it goes throw your pjs.

Answer #6

I would wake up your mom if you need help with anything, if not just go ahead and put a pad on. but im sure she would like to know tomorrow

Answer #7

Hey, don’t panic, it is totally natural. Go ahead and wake up your mom, she will get you what you need, and she will want to know anyway. Good luck, and enjoy being a woman.

Answer #8

First of all I think you should handle it like put a pad there…then if you still feel uncomfortable then wake your mom up she could help and explain to you…lol dont freak out its normal :) its a sign you have officially become a women lol

Answer #9

I started 2day and I was searchin google 4 help and I found this it helped thanks :-) x

Answer #10

Ok thx

Answer #11

Yeah I know where the pads r. Everyone cept the person on above this was useless

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