How to save a picture to my mac?

So I just got a mac book and im so lost because I am used to microsoft windows. so my question is how do I save a graphic to my mac. like you know using microsoft you right click on the picture you want to save, and then you click save as from the list of things and you get to save the graphic. HOW DO I DO THAT WHIT MY MAC?! I HAVE YET TO GET A BLUETOOTH MOUSE SO IM STUCK WITH THE KEYBOARD AND TRACKPAD. can someone please walk me through this. my main purpose is I would like to save a graphic from a site and upload it to my photobucket account.

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Also, you can turn on "right click" on your trackpad if you have a newer Mac by going to System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > and under Trackpad Gestures, tick the box next to "Tap Trackpad using two fingers for secondary click". So afterwards, you can put two fingers on the trackpad, and press the trackpad click button for the Mac equivalent of "right click".

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ok...well, I don't exactly know how to do that, but if you press either the ctrl button and click at the same time or the apple button and click at the same time, it serves as a right click. Try both, cause every website is different,

hope that helped! From her own macbook~dracoalba

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YAY!!! it worked thnks sooo much

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no problem. ; )

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drag and drop

or click save...


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