Help for a felon in Milwaukee, WI

I have a felony from 2004 Burglary of a building from Texas. Does anyone know any agencies that can help or lead me in a new direction. I have an Associates in Accounting and I am in my 9th semester for my Associates in Business Administration.

Answer #1

Ask your PO, or if Milwaukee has a 211 information number you can call that and ask about services you are interested in. In my case my PO has been a good resource for info and I have also used the local 211 number to get info on services I am interested in. It is tough because society is unforgiving. I have a robbery from 1998 and I have tried to get into programs that are aimed at felons and have been turned away because most of them do not want to work with anyone who has a violent crime. Good luck.

Answer #2

Contact Position: Program Assistant. Your future not your past counts here.

Answer #3

You be f—ed

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