Does she just not want a boyfriend?

After my last post, (I asked this girl if we can go out and all.) She said no, I asked her why, she says it a long story and retelling it does not leave her happy. But I really like her and don't feel like giving up yet. What can I do? please people! Tell me!!! I'd do anything!!!

(Factors might be: I dont know how I should act Near her.
She might have had bad memories with previous boyfriend(s). -->My guess)
Or she just might not want a boyfriend?

The few reasons that she might like me for (according to my friend):
I AM honest.
I am funnier than anyone else I know. (LOVE DANE COOK~~~ btw)
And smthng she probably doesn't understand yet: I really LIKE HER.

As mentioned last time, im a chinese canadian, 15 years old.
(Btw, I love this website.)

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If someone said no to going out with me, my first thought would be, "they dont like me". People have bad breakups all the time, and if hers was pretty recent, I could see why she would say no, but you didnt say how long ago it was. I know this isnt what you want to hear, but I feel that if she really liked you, she would have said yes!

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If you dont feel like giving up yet,then the only thing you can do is to wait.But waiting hurts a lot.If not,try not to see her.And eventually you'll give up.

Maybe she was afraid to hurt you? (Sometimes maybe remain as friend is the best).

Maybe she thinks that having relationship at this young age cant last long?

Maybe she love singlehood?

Maybe she did get hurt before?

Who knows?Maybe she like you too but she was afraid to start a new relationship?

There's so many possibility..So the choices is yours..

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