Sore white bump on my tongue

I have a tiny white bump on my tongue and its really Sore :( what is it and how can I make it go away!

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dosent that hurt? a lot!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I go one but I keep biting it gets very annoying because I drink like 1 sllurppe and it comes thats why I really hate them I dont drink the ocassonally but I got use to the bumps all because of the sugars and some stuff you eat not herpees or cancer its pisses me off so badly!!!

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wow. I came here to find answeres and I am now very relieved. I am in china now and it was very hard to explain to the doc the type of medicine I needed. so I just gargled down some warm salty water and its ok now. -Oberon-king-

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I had one on the tip of my tongue a couple of days ago and now I have one on the right side of my tongue. I have been sick with the flu and now my sinuses. it could be related to that, but I also have acid reflux really bad so that could be a cause too. I'm going to call my dr to see what it could be. it is very iritating and painful as well. good luck to all and when in doubt go see the dr you know your body.

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its normal I get them all the time from these water mellon candies coated with chili powder pickles soda all the acidic stuff in high amounts causes them for me I cant ever ignore them I all ways bite them when they itch then its a cut on my tounge from the bite but at least the white bumps gone

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your right it's from food and drinks I am having gastro issues like acid reflux and I drink a lot of pop and besides the horrible acid relux my mouth is very sensitive, and painful I'm going to try swabbing my mouth with liquid antacid the more acid I consume the worse the mouth pain is good luck!

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could possibly be a canker (sp?) sore...from the acids in your mouth from food and drinks...I get them every once in a while...if it is that, swishing warm salt water around in mouth helps...but thats for canker sores

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I cut them off too. Never thought to sterilize the nail clippers...usually drunk when I decide to cut them off. Blood everywhere. Funny thing is I asked a few of my dentists about them over the years and they all act like I am making this painful story up. Now I read all these posts and realize it is common.

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You get it from foods! You are fine! It's not HERPES! And even I it was, 70-80% of all people have some form of herpes, its no big deal!

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I have one of these sores on my tongue too. I like to bite down on it hard and it hurts like crazy. I just keep biting down on it for awhile and I feel like my head is going to explode. Then after awhile I stop and the pain is gone for the most part. I get these every once in awhile when I am really stressing or over anxious about something. But goes away in about 4-6 days.

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You're fine! I get them all the time. I get it from foods with high amounts of acid, you can even get them from not drinking enough fluids! ITS NOT HERPES! dont tlisten to these pepole! Herpes doesn't appear inside the mouth. Rinse with arm salt water or Listerine, it help them heal up. You are finnne!!!

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I get them ALL the time from kissing those darn boys. Don't stress over it. I have had a lot of people tell me its a light herpes STD, but don't flip aces, its fine, it wont kill you and wont have any effect but those little white bumps here and there. you can get it simply by sharring drinks or chap stick. you wil lprobably have them come up every so often your whole life, and you will give them to anyone you kiss when you have one. but its all fine. almost everyone gets them from sharing spit. You just got to take the pain of those pesky bumps!

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Mmm... well I'm not exactly sure what it's called but I'm pretty sure of what it is caused by, too much sugar, salt, acids. you know, anything sweet or bitter. I had one, it hurts VERY much when it comes in contact with salt or sugar etc. but I sucked on ice .. it made the sting go away and numbed it, but it didn't make the bump go away.

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If you get them from eating banana, tomato, pineapple, or by drinking carbonated drinks like I do, it may help to take Lactinex. You can buy it from a pharmacy as they keep it in their refrigerator and it is an over the counter product. As always, research anything you ingest before randomly taking advice on a med. Hope this helps!

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its probably a exploded taste bud. It happens to me all the time. they hurt really bad but it will go away. they sometimes just come up or they come if I eat really hot food. =) if your really concerned talk to the doc!

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It may be what my mom used to call a "lie bump." They just pop up occasionally and hurt really bad then they go away. I really don't know what causes them.

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Not to scare you or anything but this guy came to our school a few days ago to talk to us about how he had got cancer in his mouth and it started as a white bumb and kept spreading. He had half is tongue removed and is going to have is 53 surgery to fix his face. so I hope you dont smoke even second hand smoke can do this. I dont recall the name of the disease but 4 out of 5 people with it die.

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I have one too but all I do is pop it like a zit then wonce you have itin your finger(finger nail) then just pull then I get an icecube and suck it for 15 minutes(or when its gone)!hope that helps(it may bleed but I doubt it it shouldnt).

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well I have 1 now and its definatly not cancer or herpes!! (100% sure) its just a little old (evil) liebump!!! ull get them once or twice a year (ido) but its fine bye!! hope you get that nasty thing off there (itll go away)

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I get them all the time too this may sound kinda gross but if you try to locate the exact tast bud that's inflamed and you just bite it will go away and you might wanna hold an ice-cube on it before and after

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Little white bumps on your tongue are typically canker sores. They usually occur from poor nutritional intake or from soft tissue damage such as when you bite down hard on your tongue.

Food that can result in a canker sore are:

* caffeinated beverages.
* spicy foods
* acidic foods

Another thing it could be is thrush of the mouth. This is usually a yeast build up in your mouth.

If it is a canker sore, they will usually go away on their own, though you can speed up the process bu rinsing with mouth wash or salt water.

If it is thrush then you will need to get a anti-fungal mouth wash to help get rid of the thrush.You can also eat more yogurt as the active bacteria in it will help kill the yeast.

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