Which of these guys is the father?

Okay first I want to say I been seeing the guy for a year off and on I only been sexully active with him.. we been having problems.. anyways I started my period on june 2 and finished june 6 had sex with him on the the 7 of june we didnt use a condom he pulled out.. then on the 10th of june did a stupid move I had sex with my guy friend with no condom he didnt pull out . now I am pregnant on the July 7 I will be 5 weeks. how do I know when I concieved>?

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I would guess the guy that didn't pull out is highly likely the father. It's so likely that it's probably as good of an estimate as any other "test" of when you conceived. There are no guarantees without a DNA test.

I recommend you get educated on adoption. There are some great opportunities for families to adopt your child. Google "adoption for pregnant women" or "adoption for pregnant teens" if you're a teen. Read up and find an agency that's helpful and kind.

If you are keeping the baby, you should be upfront with everyone involved. And go from there. Good luck!

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my 14 year old daughter choosing to live with her father

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