Could I have had a miscarriage?

okaay well I’m 14 & I think I just had a miscarriagee. I peaed it out it was like brown but was tiny & sorta looked like a baby. I’ve been tired & really hungry the past week. I alsoo had this severe pain from the top of my stomah downn to my uterus part. could this really be a miscarriage.

Answer #1

You should call your health care provider if vaginal bleeding with or without cramping occurs during pregnancy.

Call your health care provider if you are pregnant and notice tissue or clot-like material passed vaginally (any such material should be collected and brought in for examination).

xox Sika

Answer #2

You should also know that if you had sex the baby comes out where the penis goes in not where you pee. you probably passed a kidney stone. Also if you really don’t know very much about pregnancy or sex you shouldn’t have sex there are 14yr olds that are mature enough but im sorry I just don’t think you are one. Next time before you have sex think about if you could handle being a mother or getting an abortion. You can show affection in other ways.

Answer #3

you dont pee anything out so no and it wouldnt look like a baby yet dont be stupid.

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