Do you think everything happens for a reason?

DO you think every thing happens for a reason

Answer #1

Certain things do happen for a reason,there are a lot of things people can’t control even though they try to. I’ve been in that situation several times.

Answer #2

Yeah…as much as it may frustrate me …certain things do happen for a reason… Its like the saying…you never know what youve really got till youve lost it… And thats when the whole reality kicks in…

I’ve been in that situation so many times I cant count…but I dont regret it,somehow it got to where I am now,gave me the mentality I have now and in a sense as cliche as it may sound…I wouldn’t say I’ve become a better person because its still in our nature to make constant mistakes and im still on that path to becoming/findingme amongst this crazy world, but someone definitely more open to life and a little paranoid…lol

Answer #3

yeah I do. (positive thinking) (:

Answer #4

for things out of my control I think it does. if I can control it then I think its up to me (if that makes sense lol)

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