How can i earn $300 for a ferret?

Hi, I am 13 years old and I want to get a ferret but my mom says I have to earn my own money to get it and so I need to earn $300 and fast. Can anyone give me any advice? I would be REALLY grateful!

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hey I used to have a ferret and im 13 too

we just moved so I had to give it away

they ARE really hard to take care of

but here is a good idea to make money

I recently did this at my school it took me around 5 weeks to pull of 150 dollars believe it or not and you know how I did it?


you may get in trouble if you get caught

but like go to costco or a bulk sellr.

and buy boxes of gum

and depending on how much each pack costs u can sell it for 2 a pack

its also kinda fun :)

please write back :)

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Ideas: car wash / lawn care / baby sitting / yard sale / helper....Good Luck !!

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PAPER ROUND!!!! or you can start up a lemonade stand, or a widow cleanign buisness, make furniture, sing, dance, ut up curtains, paint, build some houses, do people hair all nice, walk dogs, sell your soul, sell some organs, be a gypsy, start a band, be a model, wash some stuff for some people,
hope that helps you alot madam.
good luck with the ferret .

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ferrets cost $300??? wow. I wanted a ferret, but if they cost that much I can wait.pssh.

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A ferrret shouldn't cost that much. Search around again. B/c I'm getting one and it only cost $100

what would you do for 300 bucks?

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