I drank his sperm

hey am 16 and ones there was me and boy boyfriend in my room and we were doing things anyways I drank his sperm but I didn’t mean it and some of it went on to my top but I knew that drink sperm doesn’t make the person pregnant but the problem was I touch my top with my fingers then after hour or 2 or even half hour I went to the bathroom and I felt my bottom hole and then I got some water and I poured it on my bottom is there chance of me being pregnant please this important to me I love my boyfriend and we want family but not now so please don’t take it as a joke and I know I was stupid for doing this but I really didn’t mean it do so !!! Please leave your comments I would mean allot!!

Answer #1

you CANT get pregnant by swallowing sperm because your mouth is NOT connected to your vagina and spwerm dies after 1 hour in the air so I dont think it would still be alive when you touched yourself but seriously, EDUCATED yourself BEFORE you go off having sex to find out if your pregnant take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after you had sex (any sooner and the results won’t be accurate) in the morning with your first pee is the best time and take it when your period is due alternatively, see a doctor for a blood test this will both let you find out quicker and give you more accurate results and remember to LEARN about sex before you go off having it learn about as well as a male and female reproductive system birth control, contraception, pregnancy and sti/stds don’t have sex until you know the consequences involved with it because the main reason why kids and teens like YOU get pregnant and get stds is because of a lack of sex education

Answer #2

It’s HIGHLY unlikely that you’re pregnant. What you should be worried about is STI’s so go and get checked out!

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