What is a home remedy i can do?

I need to take a UA on june 30th and I have meth in my system any home remedy that I can do ? Need something fast!!

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Too late, it's not going to be gone June 30th so don't get your hopes up. Maybe this will teach you a thing or two and you'll learn to make better choices in your life.

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Allergies are there any natural remedies or anything?

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Well are you taking an instant test or a test that gets sent out? & are you sure your not taking a hair sample test? Well if it's an on the spot ua it can be beaten fairly simple,baisically because you still have about 5 days but you have to start now.Starting today get you a empty gallon milk jug & fill it with water. Drink one in the morning & one @ night. For some added protection also add to it about 5 tblspns of vinegar. By itself not mixed) Do this for the next few days. the day before your ua go to GNC & buy you a bottle of quick or double flush & drink it around 2 hours before your ua with a gallon of water. Remember to constantly urinate as this will remove the metabolites from your urine by the time you take your ua. Now if its a send out test you do the same with the constant water consumption but you dont purchase a flush as it will not work on a send out. But on the day of your ua keep your two fingers in some bleach for a good 10 mins. When you take the ua make sure to dip those fingers in the urine for 4-5 seconds.It will make the test invalid @ the lab.By the time they ask you for aother you should be clean.If it's a hair sample you'll have to be the shampoo,or your pretty much F***d. Than BY aLL MEaNS!!! after you get through this DO NOT..I repeat DO NOT!!! Do anymore meth!!! That SH**'s for idiots. Hope this helps.

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