do you think I should have a baby?

do you think I should have a baby? im 13…

Answer #1

dont worry :) I was just asking…I dontwant a baby…I will wait

Answer #2

if your pregnant then have it! I dont believe in abortion but if you do then go ahead and take the baby, I think that if you KNOW that you can support a baby AND urself then have a baby, but remember all of the things you’d have to do.

  1. Stay up late, taking care of he/she
  2. buy diapers, food, and other supplies 3.going to school
  3. getting school work done 5.getting through school

questions to ask urself first;

  1. were do I get money from?
  2. wiil I be able to get through school? 3.can I support the baby and myself?
  3. will this mess up my future gaols and plans?
  4. would it be good for the baby to have a 13 year old parent who might struggle with taking care of it?

just think about it first. I don’t know if you can handle sooo much work at age 13 but… its your choice.

Answer #3

no, you need to grow up first and realise that having and taking care of a child is no walk in the park its bloody hard work, its costs a hell of a lot of money and your future is going to be extreemly limited from having a child at so young studying will be hard and education is the most important thing you need not a kid when your still just a kid yourself

Answer #4

my mum had me when she was 17, yes I’m an accident. for the years she had to take care of me she had no money and had to stay at friends / relatives houses. although now her life is back on track and she has a good income job, her life would’ve been so much better if she didn’t have me, and I have to deal with that. having a baby at 13 is just f*ing ridiculous and I hope you arent serious

Answer #5

stick to babysitting chick

Answer #6

Just cause you babysit your cousin doesn’t mean your ready to take on a baby full time,you have to support it,feed in,the whole 9 yards,you should be focusing on your education first because if you ahve a child during school you may have to drop out to take care of it,and you will also want to look at the real side once you actually have it because once you have it,you can’t do normal teenage stuff,you will be stuck in the house. Think it through fully first.


Answer #7

no… I think you shouldnt

Answer #8

Babysitting is nothing compared to raising an actual baby, I babysat for weeks at a time when I was your age too but I never, ever thought about having a baby that young.

How would you afford it? What about your education? You aren’t even old enough for a job, and you cant depend on other people to pay for YOUR child.

Answer #9

that doesnt matter, you spent 3 days with someone else’s baby, that means nothing.. you dont know what it would be like, just wait

Answer #10

just because you can babysit duznt mean you should have a child, dont do it! ull b throwing your life away, save the children for when your an asult AFTER your married!!

Answer #11

A CHILD SHOULD NOT HAVE A CHILD - Best Plan: education, ring, date, marriage, get financially stable, THEN baby - that’s waaay down the road for you !!

Answer #12

I can take care of a baby tho…I always babysit my little cousin…one time I babysitted her when she was 2 months…her parents left for 3 days and I stayed home with her…

Answer #13

Nobody on this earth is going to tell a 13-year-old they should have a baby, that’s insane. At 13 you’re still a child yourself and there is absolutely NO way you could properly care for a baby.

Answer #14

ok I will wait

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