How can you make a roman coliseum out of clay or wood

How can you make a roman coliseum out of clay or wood. What materials do I need and how do I get it to stay together for travel? Please help.

Answer #1

Use wood if you want it to be stronger. You would need wood glue to keep it in place when you’re nailing/drilling, nails, a hammer/drill (you can bang in the nails or drill them in. hammer is better for beginners), a saw unless you have wood the right size, safety glasses and I can’t think of anything else right now. I might add on later if I remember something else. if you do use clay, then it’s better to get it from an art shop because art clay is really strong and made for modeling things. to make clay last longer make sure every thing is connected securely and just let the clay dry. In order to connect it, just smooth out all the joint marks.

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