What should i do about her kissing me?

I have a girl friend (duh) but her friend likes me but my girl does NOT really not like me anymore but I tiny pit like her but. back to what I said she KISSED me and I don't no why and my girl does not do that WIERD! but just HELP ME!!!

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I feel sorry for your girlfriend, you really need to man-up. If your girlfriend didn't like you anymore I'm sure she would have broken up with you, if you feel like the relationship isn't going to work then break up with her already. You need to tell her about the girl kissing you, she's a horrible friend for doing that. Your girlfriend deserves better than both of you...

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if she dint like you & she'd dump you?
& how do you know she dosent like you? no one can read others mind inless they tell you. & if she dint would you want 2 go out with someone who felt nothing for you?
ratha pointless?

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