How do I get over him?

my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years. and we have our fights and get alongs. but he is always partyin on weekends clubs and drinking. and I am so sick of him doing it to me. and tonight he ditched me when we were on our date because he said he was tired. and wanted to go home and sleep. but I just called him and he is at the movies with his friend and his friend and some girls. I am so upset by it. I dont know what to do how do I get over him? or should I stay with him? and just trust him?

Answer #1

Okay first of all thats not right that hes always choosing everyone else over you, you shouldnt trust him at all, your just there to him and not really anything speacial to seems like. You can always try going out a lot to and just kind of ignore him for a while and confront him about it.. just be like “if you have no time for me and if you rather go out with other people then me, then were not going to work”. let him know as soon as you can..

Answer #2

He sounds like a douchebag. You should break up with him.

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