Why cant I upload pictures?

ok for somereason my account will not let me upload pics no matter what I do. im sure to make sure its a jpg. or other of those files and am sure to put a caption. but when I paste it and click save nothing happens, no matter how many times I click it. I’ve tried uploading pics from photobucket and all of those are jpg. so I don’t know wats up with this. I know its not my computer b/c I’ve tried to upload pics frm photobucket from several different computers. is it just something thats wrong with my account? if im an advisor will it make this possible? if im unable to do this b/c im not an advisor could one of the advisors do it for me? I dont think you have to be an advisor to do it b/c almost everybody on here has a pic but not advisors. PLEASE help!!

Answer #1

You don’t have to be an advisor and there is nothing wrong with your account, resave your photo as a .jpg because sometimes you have to resave it. If that doesn’t work FunMail me and we’ll try to work something out.

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