How to get on facebook at school?

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Proxy. However, if your school network administrator knows what they're doing, that won't help, and you'll need to wait till you get home to use it.

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It depends on what you are using. If you are using a iPhone/iPod/Smart Phone well download the widget/app that lets you use Facebook. If you are using personal computer I don't see any problem unless your school does not have Wi-Fi.
If you are using the school's computer and they have blocked it well you may be out of luck unless you download or upload a VPN or Proxy. Downloading one will alert your administrator most likely so you will have to use your USB but the admin will still know anyway.
Seems like a lot of trouble just to get on Facebook.

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Only a secured VPN service can help you in this. However, if you want real help do not go for the free VPN, rather pay a little money and get the best VPN service from here:

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Well, if you want to access facebook than it won’t be easy in your school premises because they are watching your every movement. You can access it through your iphone, ipad or android it will be easy cause there are some proxies which can’t be track by your admin staffs.

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Use Hotspot Shield Free VPN. Easy to install and provides unlimited bandwidth.
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