Tips to lose weight?

I am thirteen and I think I am overweight and I dont like it and I need help with it so if you could please give me a few tips so I can lose weight please

Answer #1

I’ve got a lot of info - Funmail me and I’ll send it if you like…Take care !!

Answer #2

first of all, please do this sensibly, it’s suprising the amount of girls who start by starving themselves or making themselves sick, it’s not the way to do this.

eating healthy, lots of fresh fruit and veg, may sound yuck but it really does do the trick, and there not fattening so you can help yourself. pasta and fish, chicken, low fat yogurt, there’s loads of things, diet doesnt mean tastebuds die, lots of healthy things taste good these days. try to stick to 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner. if your hungry in between drink plenty of water, grab a handful of grapes, or dried fruit, or nuts, exercise, weight doesnt just fall off on its own, but you can make it fun, swimming is a brilliant exercise as your using every muscle in the body, and its fun : D go for a run or a bike ride, do plenty of walking, skipping, jogging on the spot, it doesn’t all have to be sit ups and press ups. and rememeber to do everything in proportion, don’t over do it all at once, and make sure your mom is aware so she can help you. good luck, let me know how you get on! erin x

Answer #3

First off stay away from the fast foods and candy and soda eat healthy meals Exercise walking alone will help But I heard teens saying they are fat constantly just be careful

Answer #4

you don’t seem sure if you’re overweight or not. how much do you weigh? what is your height?

Answer #5

Yeah your fat as skip meals, becoem anorexic for all I care ^.^

Answer #6

what is your normal diet and how much do you weigh

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