Height growth

My height is 5 ft 3 in what factors can effect my growth to grow? please show your advices.

Answer #1

im 5 ft 8. ii think its just genetics. vitamins help growth. I heard smoking stops growth, but I dont believe it. my cousin has been smoking since she was like 14 and she’s 5 ft 9

Answer #2

Its seems that coffee makes you shorter. I used to be 5 foot 4 inches and I shrunk two inches and if you are still a teen you could have that growth sprug.

Answer #3

Height is mostly genetics. I’ve heard coffee and smoking cigarettes stunts growth but I’m not sure if that has been proven or not.

Answer #4

And I’m 6 foot 4 inches and drink coffee like my life depended on it. (And I’ve heard for a reliable source that 6 cups a day DOES prolong life!)

Genetics determine your maximum height, and good nutrition helps you to achieve that maximum.

That’s it.

And if you have heard stories of HGH, know that gains were slight in normally healthy people, and the side affects were joint swelling, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and an increased risk of diabetes, as well as a possible increase in colon cancer.

Hope this helped. Good Luck!!

Answer #5

Any other . . . . ?

Answer #6

Yeah im at the last stage of teen. Im 19. please give me more advices.please.

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