Normal height for 15 year old male?

Am I the normal height for a 15 year old male I'm 6'3 160 pounds

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girls love tall guys. I know somone at church who is like a whole foot taller than me. I get a kink in my neck when I have to look at his face to talk to him. and he is about 15-17 years old

ps. I am 5'4"...yes I am short but that still makes the dude at church like, 6'4"

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u tall

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yea dude your tall. im also 15 (turned 15 on march 31st) im nearly your size (6'2) being tall has many perks, so dont complain too much.

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Hi I m also 15 and im also 6'3"..I m more than your weight..Ie 220 ibs..I look exactly like an 18 year old..

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im 15 and 5' 8" 155lbs do you think thats enough?? because I hope I get to 6' 3" 200lbs thats my wish.

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Well, take a look at the other guys in your high school the next time you're there (today). Odds are, more than 90% of the other guys will be *much* shorter than you. That tells you that you're way taller than average.

The average height for a full grown man in the USA is five feet ten inches tall. So, you're much taller than most.

Thanks for asking your questions here. Best, thedude

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well, I am 15 and I am 6'7.. you seem very light for your weight, you must be very skinny, I have nearly no fat, and I weigh 210 lbs, I guess its muscle? But still, 6'3 is taller than a lot of people, just not me :o) im just kidding, but I also have a size 15 foot, I am just naturally big, bigger than all of my family..

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I was 5'7" at I'm 5'10" at 17..I really wish I could at least reach 6' in the next 4 years..any secrets, guys? Do I have a chance?...Well, it's fine if I stay this way..

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I was 5'7" I'm 5'10" at 17...wish I would grow taller...any secrets,guys?..I mean I'm frustrated because even though a lot of people would say that I'm tall, I feel like a cowering idiot beside 6-footers...

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can ask you did you become so tall at 15?...I'm 16 and I'm only 5ft 8, please tell me a way to grow atleast 5ft 11 or 6ft?

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You're a lot taller than average.
I'm 6'4" and I'm taller than everyone in my high school (125 students)

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you seem skinny and you're really tall, but it's normal. youre probably done growing.

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How much is 181cm tall for a 15year old boy? my weight is 160pounds im not chubby or fat. my dad is 194cm and my mum is 174cm, do you guys think I can reach the height as my father is? cause at my school in norway everyone is the same height as me or over. only at my class its only 1guy that is under 179cm, hes 169cm:P.

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I am 15 and am only 5'2 and 100 lb. is that bad

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For a 15 year old male the average height would be 67 inches (50th percentile) and the normal range would be from 63 inches (10th percentile) to 72 inches (90th percentile). The average height for a 15 year old female would be 64 inches with the normal range being from 60.5 inches to 67 inches.

Since the teen years is a time of rapid change it is very common for percentiles to vary to great extent from year to year. Ultimately your height has been predetermined by your genetic makeup and will stabilize near the end of adolescence.

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