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What heart valve would you choose?

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There are two types. One is mechanical and made out of metal or carbon and the other is made out of cows or pigs valves. The mechanical one may last you 20 or sometimes till the rest of your life but you will, for the rest of your life, need to take anticoagulants to thin out your blood and go to the doctor at least weekly at first and then once a month, for the rest of your life, to have your blood drawn out to see if it is thin enough. This is because your body will not accept your valve because is artificial and will create blood clots around it to protect you and if you are not extremely careful it will cause a heart attack or stroke. With the cow or pig one, it is more like your own valve and you don't need medications or check your blood. The only problem is that they only last 10 to 12 years and then you will need to have it replaced. I am getting heart surgery next friday to repair my mitral heart valve, if they can't repair it then they need to know what valve would I prefer, mechanical or a cow valve. I am leaning toward the mechanical valve, but the medication and constant blood checks may get irritating and could get dangerous if you don't thin your blood enough.