Who has heard Will Smiths daughter Willow Smiths' new song "Wip my hair back and forth"?

what do you think about it? I like it, she did really good and i didnt knw she rapped also.

Answer #1

I just went to youtube and listened to it for the first time - its extremely good, especially for a girl that young. Its something i would actually download and dance too….very good song.

Answer #2

I admitt she has a good voice but the repeating is annoying. 90% of the song is just the words I whip my hair back and fourth. I don’t like it. Just not my thing I guess.

Answer #3

I thought the song was annoying, but she’s very talented for her age. Hope she keeps it up.

Answer #4

o_e i guess i just don’t like rap / hip hop / R&B

Answer #5

i like it too. itotally and 100% agree with mandyloo. haha. i love dancing :)

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