Who else has heard of Alicia Keys naming her unborn child Egypt?

Answer #1

i havent heard it but i could imagineher doing that

Answer #2

Well I just found the article on it, or well, one of many articles on it. IMO, it’s a terrible attempt at originality… Might as well name the kid blankie.

Answer #3

i think its a sweet name :D

Answer #4

Maybe, soon probably more children will be named after places like countries, continents, islands and towns.

Answer #5

i have heard that alicia keys was having a baby also it seems like that she may have to talke off a year or two.

Answer #6

Stars feel as if they can give their kids outlandish names because they are famous. They feel that their kid will be untouchable because of that. But in reality if you name your kid something goofy they will be picked on regardless if you are a celebrity or not. Egypt is at least better than the names Coco and Apple.

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